The General Partner or GP, being Du Val Capital Partners Limited, is the entity whois responsible for the day to day management of each Fund. The GP works on behalf of the Fund and is governed by its board of directors.

You can get started as an investor with any of the above Funds by scheduling a call.

One of our team will also be in touch with you to walk you through the process and verify any required information.

Investors will receive tax statements with details regardingtheir share of the relevant Fund’s taxable income.

The tax statements are provided to investors on an annual basis so that each investor can include relevant amounts on his or her tax return.

Furthermore, upon request, investors can receive financial statements, an annual project report; and quarterly reports.

Our goal is to finalise all financial reporting by March 31st of each year.

A person who is either:

  1. a Wholesale Investor (in terms of clause 3(2) or 36(b) of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013) and who has completed a Wholesale Investor Certificate; or
  2. an Eligible Investor Certificate(in terms of clause 41of Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013) and who has completed a Eligible Investor Certificate; or

is qualified and eligible to hold limited partner interests in the Fund.

Yes. Our offerings are available to qualified investors only.

Du Val Opportunity Fund LLP – Yes, only when the General Partner announces a rights issue (i.e.future capital raise).

Du Val Mortgage Fund LLP – Yes, as long as the Fund size has not yet reached NZ$100M.

Yes, our General Partner may require further information from you to verify your identification and address and a description of the source of your investment funds.

There is no fixed term for each Fund. Each Fund begins on its registration and continues in existence until it is deregistered.

Each investor is expected to stay in the relevant Fund until their units are transferred or assigned, as permitted by their respective Limited Partnership Agreement, for instance this could be a sale of units or redemption of units by the GP.

Each of the Funds may, at the discretion of the General Partner, be wound up in accordance with the relevant Fund’s Limited Partnership Agreement.

Du Val Opportunity Fund LLP – Variable ROI of at least 15% annualised.

Du Val Mortgage Fund LLP – Fixed ROI of 10% per annum paid each financial quarter (calculated per day, but not compounding).

Du Val Opportunity Fund LLP – Investors can expect a distribution following the completion of individual Projects.

Du Val Mortgage Fund LLP, Investors can expect a distribution four times a year at the end of each financial quarter, or as otherwise declared by the General Partner. Investors that come in less than 2 weeks before a distribution are to be paid in the next quarter adjusted for time in the fund.

As with any investment in equity securities such as our offerings under each Fund comes with risks.

We do encourage you to consider personally the suitability of investment in light of your own individual risk profiles for investment and ask questions. Feel free to schedule a chat with us to discuss more.

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